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hmmmm time for an update


Wow, I haven’t posted in a while.  We had a wonderful summer.  We traveled to Disneyland and stayed at a beach house.  We also stayed at a lake house here in Texas.  It was great.  We have tons of great pictures.  I will probably post one day.

Mid August started and I started throwing up.  Thanks to the new bundle that will join our family soon.  And I threw up and threw up some more, everyday til Thanksgiving.  In October I had surgery to sew my cervix shut to prevent preterm labor.  OUCH!!!  Since then it has been a whirl wind of keeping up with my kids and all the sports they play.  Helping out with school work and piano practice.  Starting Matthew in preschool and watching him grow and love school.  And through it all I am just trying to survive, rest like I should, and keep my head above water.  I have thought many times during pregnancy that this baby is going to kill me.  I have been so exhausted and sick.  Blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  I need to get back to writing our life events down so we can always remember the fun things we do and the hard times too.  Good thing I have a wonderful husband and great kids to help me out everyday.

Baby boy should arrive in about a month.  We should have lots of fun posts then!  Thanks so high blood pressure I need to rest more so more posts should pop up soon.

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