Brad and Amanda Garrett Family

Alexis, Jackson, Matthew, Noah, Amanda and Brad

Matthew has an emergency


Just a week after I had some oral surgery, Matthew has to be rushed to the Dr for splitting open his forehead.  My sister was in town visiting and Matthew was in time out.  I was getting ready to meet Brad at the temple.  I heard a loud crash from upstairs and ran up to see Matthew’s bookcase in his room face down.  I lifted it to reveal him bleeding badly underneath.   I yelled for my sister because the bookcase was too heavy to lift and help Matthew at the same time.  She grabbed him and with the EMT training took over and got the bleeding to stop.  We took him to my pediatrician who was able to glue it back together.  Any deeper or closer to his eye and he would have had to be taken to the emergency room or had stitches.  I realized I didn’t take any pictures of it.    I still had stitches in my mouth and had company.  Pictures were not foremost in my mind.  Here is one where you can see the steri strips over the glue.  Matthew is spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e. My first child injury needing immediate medical attention

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