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A lost post and DOG!!


Something happened to our server.  Our blog runs off of it and Brad had to replace it.  Somehow we lost a post or two.  So catch up….Some Valentines Day fondue anyone??  Ali participated in the science fair.  Jackson has school projects too.  Brad turned the big 33.  And during Spring Break we got a dog.  She has taken over my life for the last 2 months. We got her from a breeder in Arlington.  She is a pure bred AKITA.  We named her SUKI.  We googled Japanese dog names and that is where we found it.  She was 7 1/2 weeks when we got her.  She was totally a baby, crying during the night and everything.  I wasn’t prepared for getting up multiple times a night with her.  She is growing FAST!!  I hired a well known and popular dog trainer.  She trained ME to speak dog.  I spoke dog to Suki and wow, like magic she responds.  Suki let me know she didn’t like big expensive dog beds, she prefers the tile floor.  She loves to chew walls, baskets and especially shoes.  We often see her running from the garage to the side yard with our shoes in her mouth.  I don’t mind the bite marks, the chewing of the house or even the fact that I see dog hair on things.  Oh yeah and my house smells like a dog too.  She watches over me and the kids and even got protective of me when a door to door sales said “hi” to me on out walk.   He jumped in the street and didn’t dare come within 20 feet of me.  In her defense he was covered in tats and looked like trouble.  I bent down and said good girl.  Other than that guy, she loves everyone.  She goes everywhere with me and loves Jackson’s baseball games, neighborhood walks and going in the car.  She is 40 lbs now and is on her way to be 80-100 lbs.  Yikes!!  When she drives me crazy I think of all the times I hear my kids tell her she is their best friend and the best pet ever.  They refer to her as their sister.  Alright, I guess we can keep her.



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“A lost post and DOG!!”

  1. On June 8th, 2011 at 6:47 am Barbara Says:

    Thanks for the update. I couldn’t find your blog for a while. Now I know why. Thanks for being such great parents to my grandchildren. We love y’all. (That ya’ll comes because I work with Cheri Garrett – ha ha)

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